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Dr. Jimmy DeYoung-(D)  (International Prophecy Speaker, Author, Radio Host; Founder:   Prophecy Today and School of Prophets)

“Dr. Rich Schmidt is a very serious student of Bible Prophecy, who is then one who can take that which he has studied, digest it and then in a simple way, present that material to many other students that are eager to have knowledge of the end of times scenario that is found in God’s Word. God made Ezekiel a “watchman”, one who hears the Word from the Lord and then warns the people. Rich is a ‘watchman’ in our day.”

Dr. Henry Vosburgh (Executive Director Midwest Church Extension, Missionary   Pastor)

“In a day when the prophetic scriptures are being marginalized, Dr. Schmidt’s pulpit ministry is calling the Church to not only recognize their significance, but he is urging all men to be made right with the Lord in light of them. I strongly recommend Dr. Richard Schmidt and the work of Prophecy Focus Ministries.”

Dr. Sam Horn (Senior Pastor-Palmetto Baptist Church,  Speaker, Former Seminary President, and Executive V.P.)

“The second coming of the Lord and the events surrounding His coming are intended to encourage His Church as they wait for His coming. Men who can help the Church know and understand these truths are rare; Dr. Rich Schmidt is one such individual. His passion for truth and his ability to communicate it clearly will be of great help to any local body desiring to serve Christ while waiting for His coming!”


Dr. Curt Lamansky (Pastor-Immanuel Bible Church, Former University Bible  Dept. Head)

“Dr. Rich Schmidt has a keen grasp of the intricacies of biblical prophecy and the ability to present difficult concepts simply and powerfully; his messages are instructive, impactful, and very well received.”

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