December 1                    Charleston Bible Church-IL-Prophecy Conference

December 2-5              School of Prophets-Chattanooga, TN

December 12-15          Pre-Trib Conference, Dallas, TX-Speaker

December 29                Union Grove Baptist, WI-Speaker


January 5                     Brookside Baptist-2 Services-Speaker

January 12                   Brookside Baptist-2 Services-Speaker

January 12                   UGBC, WI-Speaker, PM

January 14                   Business Men's Bible Study-Teacher

January 18                   State Forensic Competition-Judge (Prof)

January 19                   UGBC,WI-Speaker, PM

January 22                   Brookside Baptist, WI-Teacher, PM

January 26                   Union Grove Baptist, WI-Speaker, AM

January 27                   In Focus,VCY America-Speaker

January 29                   Brookside Baptist, WI-Teacher, AM

February 2                    UGBC, WI-Speaker, AM

February 3-5                IFCA Regional, Bob Jones University, SC

February 9                   Grace Bible Church, WI-Speaker (AM&PM) 

February 16                 Immanuel Bible Church, WI-Speaker (AM&PM) 

February 22                 Prophecy Overview-Men's Study

February 23                 UGBC, WI-Speaker (AM & PM)

March 1                        UGBC, WI-Speaker (AM & PM)

March 8                        UGBC, WI-Speaker (AM & PM)

March 10                      Christian Business Men's Group, WI-Speaker

March 14                      Prophecy Up Close Conference-Brookfield, WI-Speaker

March 15                      UGBC, WI-Speaker (AM & PM)

March 17                      Christian Business Men's Group, WI-Speaker

March 22-April 2         FOI Isreal Study Tour,Co-Leader

April 5-11                     Abingdon Bible Church, Abingdon, VA-Speaker

April 15                        EASTER-UGBC, WI-Speaker (AM & PM)

April 17-27                  Yad Vashem Study Group, Israel

May 3                            Oxford Bible Church, WI-Speaker

May 7                            WI Governor's Prayer Breakfast

May 7-12                      LBU-PhD Doctorate Graduation

June 28-July 3             IFCA National Convention,Cincinnati, OH

July 12-16                    FOI National Convention, Winona Lake, IN

July 26                          Brookside Baptist, Brookfield, WI-Speaker

August 2                       Brookside Baptist, Brookfield, WI-Speaker

August 10-24               Europe

September 6                Brookside Baptist, Brookfield, WI-Speaker

September 10-15        Friends of Isreal National Convention, Lancaster, PA

September 19-24        Smyrna Baptist Church, Atlanta, GA-Speaker

October 3-5                  Charleston Bible Church, Charleston, IL-Speaker

October 11                    Immanuel Bible Church, WI-AM & PM

October 17-25              Grace Community Bible Church, Burnery, CA-Prophecy Conf.


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